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U LIVE is {{k_chat}} for the next generation. We bring together people from 170 countries and help them communicate from the comfort of their own homes. Our users are fun, creative people. They sing, play musical instruments, and put on colorful live shows. Choose a broadcast and go for a new experience! Chat with girls in anonymous {{k_chat}} online.
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Různé vysílání. Připojte se k jakémukoli vysílání, které se vám líbí, a chatujte na jakékoli téma s uživateli z celého světa.

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{{k_chat}} U LIVE is the perfect service for finding new friends, carefree chatting, and even dating!

{{k_chat}} with girls

{{k_chat}} is exciting content! Post photos and videos, add attractive descriptions and collect views.

{{k_chat}} with girls

Get ready to surprise and amaze others in {{k_chat}} with girls! You'll meet musicians, actors, gamers, and even aspiring stand-up comedians here. Each of them is ready to surprise you: to play the thermo-vox, pass the game in 10 minutes or make you laugh until you cry. Got something to show you, too? That's great! The more interesting you are, the higher you'll climb in our {{k_chat}} ranking for iPhone.

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Useful leisure in {{k_chat}} shows. At our number 1 video chat room you can not only laugh at gags and memes from all over the world, but also have a useful time. Participate in master classes, work out with an online fitness trainer or learn to play the guitar with video lessons from our users.


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Secure video calls in {{k_chat}}. Call your friend or girlfriend to discuss something really important.

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