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Host a live workshop and make money per view. Post viral content and build your audience.

U LIVE is a popular live streaming platform for webinars and interactive shows. Go live, share great content and earn money per views and when somebody comments on your posts.

Get as much as you earn

No fees are applied o you as a content-maker. We do not share your income with 3rd parties.

ULIVE is cross-platform

The app works across all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Reach your target audience effectively!


Monthly active users


Audience growth per month


Average monthly income from content views

Exclusive terms for talented creators

We will double everything you earn on U ULIVE and will provide you with support from our developers - in case you have more than 5000 subscribers on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or other service.

Just send us the link to your page and U ULIVE ID:


Income per minute

You will be paid for every visitor, even in a free stream.

Multi streaming

Combine U ULIVE streaming with other services.

Collect donations without intermediaries

We allow posting links to donation services and e-wallets to receive donations right from users.

No content bans

We do not ban for games and hot content in streams. We simply create country and age limit for particular posts.

Share something good with the world and get paid for it

Start with building your audience. Publish some free and useful content first to become popular and increase viewership. Interact with your audience. Go live to promote your content and earn money!

After building some loyal audience try to post something extremely valuable for them. Make it paid to increase your income or share it for free if the audience is big enough.


Private live streams

Go live and make your stream private to share some valuable information. Get paid for every minute of the stream.

Pay per view broadcaster

You are able to make a passive income with a valuable content. All videos and photos brings you money every time they are viewed.

Follow the script

You can choose one of the presets and act accordingly during the live stream. All presets has a number of unique actions which you are supposed to perform.

Donations and gifting

Users tend to thank best streamers by sending them coins.

Stay safe

Remain anonymous

We neither require nor share your personal data with 3rd parties. Just prove you’re already 18 to start earning with us.


Ban particular countries and regions to prevent unwanted attention.

Easy to withdraw

Use VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Payoneer, Yandex, QIWI, SEPA, Bitsafe services or get an invoice to withdraw money.

You can spend the earned money in a video chat.

Share great content with the world

U LIVE supports 12 languages so far (more languages to be supported). The app is used in 251 countries.

Supported languages:

English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian and Dutch.

Auto translation

All written content that you and your users produce is automatically translated. You can easily communicate with users without knowing any foreign language.

Start your first live stream now, it’s easy!

  1. Sign up as a host — it's easy!

  2. Run free workshops and master classes to build your audience

  3. Publish valuable content and interact with your audience